My Top 10 Best Marketing & Productivity Tools - You’ll absolutely Love to Grow Your Business

My Top 10 Best Marketing & Productivity Tools - You’ll absolutely Love to Grow Your Business

Marketing strategy begins right after you are done with content research and writing. Try skipping it and there would be little to no engagement with your newly published content, which later on you’ll think about where it all went wrong.

With so many social media and other networks in marketing out there, marketing on the internet now makes it more complicated than the traditional billboard and print ads that we have used for marketing in the past.

Being consistently active in your audience is still a little too much to ask for both new and veteran marketers and bloggers.

What most companies have figured out is how to utilize the use of available tools at hand to save more time on marketing and researching new topics much easier. Big data is now influencing online marketing, especially in the 2018 and keeping ahead of it, is imperative.

Having engaging content is one of the key things that will make you stand out, and the right tools to get it into the hands of readers are very much needed. To help you speed up your online marketing efforts, you will definitely need the right marketing tools to make things easy for you especially on the promotional fronts.

Below are the 10 Best Marketing and Productivity Tools that you might actually want to check and see which one can greatly contribute to your social media success.


IFTTT for content-automation on Social Media


IFTTT means “If this, then that”. This marketing tool lets you set up some rules that will make running your social media marketing empire so much easier, called applets.

An applet is triggered by changes that occur within other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, or Pinterest. [5]

For example, an applet may send an e-mail message if the user tweets using a hashtag, or copy a photo on Facebook to a user's archive if someone tags a user in a photo.

You can create rules that will trigger specific actions when something happens. Example: You can create a rule that means every time you get a Google notification for a specific alert; it is automatically added into a Google doc so you can check them all at the end of the day.

The rules you will be creating can eliminate lots of manual back-and-forths, and can massively help you streamline your process in a way that emphasizes and enhances your individual productivity. IFFTT saves me tons of time on Social Media from reposting the same content on several social media platforms.


Facebook – The Most Popular Social Media Network


Facebook is one of the most popular social network platforms nowadays. There’s huge strength in numbers, and with over 1.4 billion users and over 900 million of those users visiting the site every day, Facebook is indeed a giant in social media. If you’re like most small businesses, you simply can’t afford to have a presence there.

Facebook users encompass all demographics. Whether you’re trying to reach teens or seniors, you can find them on Facebook. According to Pew, some 72 percent of online American adults use Facebook. Eighty-two percent of online adults ages 18 to 29 use it, 79 percent of those ages 30 to 49 use it and 64 percent of those ages 50 to 64 use it. Even among Internet users aged 65 and up, nearly half (48 percent) use Facebook.

Facebook advertising is also affordable. The average Facebook ad would cost just $5.99 per thousand impressions. In addition, you can set and control your own budget so you don’t face unexpected marketing costs.

Facebook advertising is highly targeted. You can target your audience by location, age, gender, interests and other factors. Use the Custom Audiences feature to target existing customers safely and privately. Or, market to local customers with Local Awareness ads that reach customers on their mobile devices.

Facebook also lets you reach out to website customers. Facebook’s re-targeting option allows you to show Facebook ads only to people who have previously visited your business website.

Facebook helps you measure your results. Still, doubt that Facebook is an effective marketing tool? Don’t take my word for it: measure the ROI yourself. The free Facebook Insights tool lets you track the results of your Facebook marketing, including ads and organic posts. You can get detailed information about how prospective customers are engaging with your business on Facebook, such as how many likes you got this week and how that compares to past measures, what type of engagement you received (likes, comments, and shares) on posts, and which ads drove traffic to your website or other actions.

I did a Podcast episode dedicated entirely to Facebook.


MailChimp – The Best Email Marketing Tool

MailChimp is one of the most widely used Email marketing tools to get your content delivered directly to your subscriber list. With even support for creating and building an Email list, this free tool has got you covered on all fronts when it comes to Email Marketing.

Gain more new subscribers to your blog and increase your list by making use of MailChimp’s services. I especially love the automation features I'm able to create, such as retargeting emails, welcome emails, abandon cart emails etc.



Canva – The Easiest Tool for Creating Social Media Graphics


It’s an amazing tool which allows you to create different kinds of promotional content, including but not limited to:

  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Menus
  • Business Cards
  • Logos
  • Social Media Posts, Graphics & Banners
  • Magazine & Book Covers
  • Certificates
  • & much more! But what’s the catch? Like you’re getting all of this and that too without a watermark?

Well this time, fortunately, that is the case. No compromise on quality or any sort of watermark.

I’ve found a lot of solutions out there, but unfortunately, most of them include Watermarks. If not watermarks, then limited design options or poor quality, but that’s not the case with Canva.

If you’re one of those people that don’t like starting off from scratch and needs a kickstart, there are numerous amazing templates for you.

Hate crawling the web searching for license-free images or just too busy? Well, they’ve got a free images module built in allowing you to choose from an unlimited range of photos.

You also get to choose from Grids & Frames to give your design a solid structure.

Choose from a variety of charts to showcase in your next presentation.

Set custom backgrounds using photos

Create a team to collaborate with other graphic designers.

 Canva is a lifesaver for a none techy person like myself.

Shopify – The Most Powerful E-commerce Platform


Shopify is one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms for businesses of all scales. There is a wide range of top Shopify apps in the market, which makes it a tough choice for entrepreneurs to choose what works best for their online stores. My favorite thing about this Platform is the customer service, it's excellent and the user face is so simple to set up a website. 

Start your 14-day Free Trial Today


Evernote – A Tool to help you Keep Everything in Sync

With Evernote, you can keep everything in sync. All of your notes, files, web clips or images are available on any device and computer you are using. From short notes to lengthy research, no matter your writing form, Evernote can you focused on turning these ideas from inspiration to actual completion.

You can save every file you file cool and exciting online or in the actual world. Take photos, record audio, and save it. You can also save entire web pages to Evernote with its nifty browser extensions. You can get the whole webpage: text, images, and links.

If your business involves you always moving but you want to have your notes with you, then this tool is good for you. With Evernote, your memories are readily available and accessible on any computer, phone, or device you are using.

You can also share your notes with business colleagues or friends.

In Evernote, you can keep itineraries, scanned travel documents, confirmations, maps, and plans, so you will have them easily accessible when you need them.

Evernote’s powerful search and discovery functionalities make everything you have collected so far easy to find.

Have fast and effective meetings by showing your work as it evolves. There is no need to build slides, just a single click and your notes can be quickly transformed into a screen-friendly, beautiful layout.

 Try Evernote today and Thank me later!


Asana - A Free and Powerful Task Management Application

Collaboration is beautiful. Asana can be used directly through a web browser or its smartphone application.   It’s free and you just need access to the internet.  Asana is not great because of its robust features; it’s great because of its simplicity.   At first glance, you may think this is another application with a steep learning curve, but if you can just allocate a small amount of time to play with the application, you’ll notice how easy it is to pick-up.

Asana feels like an elegant and sophisticated upgrade from a notebook.  It’s fast, intuitive, and easy to manipulate. The application responds and accepts input quickly and saves automatically.  Additionally, Asana’s taxonomy features and user interface make it easy to navigate, prioritize, and organize.


Onlypult – The Time-saving Instagram Scheduling Tool

Onlypult is a convenient and effective social media solution that saves time when creating and scheduling Instagram posts.

Instagram does not have an option to schedule posts in advance, not do any of the major social media planners such as HootSuite or Buffer.

The main benefits of Onlypult are:

  1. Post Instagram images from your computer – you don’t need to post to Instagram with your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Schedule Instagram posts in advance – you can schedule one or more Instagram posts to go live at times that are optimal for your audience, complete with text and up to 30 hashtags.

Onlypult offers a free 7-day trial, then converts to a paid plan, starting at $12/month to manage up to 3 Instagram accounts.


Here’s How Onlypult Works:

  • log into your Onlypult dashboard from your laptop
  • upload images from your computer
  • add text and up to 30 hashtags
  • schedule your image to post now or up to
  • Onlypult Pros
  • schedule posts individually, or use Onlypult’s Planner feature with your preferred posting times
  • supports images of different size and shapes – the Instagram app only supports square images
  • built-in filters
  • supports up to 30 hashtags
  • calendar view of upcoming and previous posts and interaction (all posts: not just those posted via Onlypult)

Onlypult Cons

  • doesn’t support video (soon, I hope!)
  • analytics don’t offer much information

features are not well-documented and are hard to find, such as changing the time zone

 You can use my referral code to save 10%, you'll love it!


Acuity Scheduling - How Clients Schedule Appointments Themselves


Acuity Scheduling is easy-to-use and user-friendly scheduling solution using which clients can quickly view real-time availability, and book their appointments accordingly. This saves businesses from most of the headaches and mix-ups related to manual scheduling.  Its powerful calendar coordination features automatically notify when an appointment is booked and allows checking schedules from mobile devices. It supports Google Calendar, iCalendar, Outlook and Office 365.

The software eliminates usual scheduling mix-ups through calendars that update automatically, and adjust according to different time zones. This allows clients to easily cancel and reschedule appointments themselves as per their convenience. Managing multiple locations and staff is also made easier, as clients only see the calendar that you want them to see. New clients can be prompted with intake-forms to collect all the required information while they are booking an appointment. This means that you get a more efficient approach towards gathering all the information in one place.

The software makes it easier to track down revenues by breaking down paid/unpaid appointments, no-shows, fulfillments and hours spent by service. Almost everything is customizable to match the existing branding of your company, while calendar can also easily be shared on the social media via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and email. The calendar can also be embedded to the website for a more streamlined and seamless booking experience.

The solution is also HIPAA compliant, meaning complete security of customer’s information. Being a web-based solution, Acuity Scheduling can be assessed from anywhere using any device with a browser and an internet connection. Clients can make single/multiple bookings as well as class and group appointments. Its support for a variety of online payment solutions, including PayPal and Stripe, allows clients to easily make payments and makes the process a lot easier for the businesses as well.

Try it out Today!



Best of all, Instagram is a proven social media platform that helps businesses engage current customers and attract new ones. Here’s why most businesses should incorporate Instagram into their marketing campaigns. 

Instagram is growing at a record-breaking pace when compared to Vine which has just over 200 million users worldwide (as of December 2015).

In fact, the growth of Vine slowed down after Instagram added the video sharing feature on its platform.

When it comes to video marketing, beautiful content is what attracts the attention of people on social media. Instagram allows you to spice up your videos using filters.

Add a personal touch or create a welcoming background for your videos and make them more shareable. Vine users will have to miss out the benefits of Instagram filters.

Instagram lets you talk more about its 15-seconds video feature, so this again is something you need to consider when comparing the two video sharing platforms.

From our experience, these are the best-known ways to leverage the benefits of marketing on Instagram and boost your traffic and sales on a budget. 

Hope you enjoyed some of my favorite marketing & productivity tools.

Until next time, DREAM BIG!


*Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and enroll in any of the apps or programs, I will receive an affiliate commission. I've personally used all of these programs  to build my business.*

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