Amazon Black-Owned Holiday Gift Guide

Amazon Black-Owned Holiday Gift Guide

It's no secret Amazon has dominated the Retail Marketplace across the Globe. Cyber Monday was Amazon's biggest shopping day ever, with the previous being Cyber Monday back in 2017. With over 100 Million Prime subscribers ordering over 18 million toys and 13 million fashion items on Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. Adobe analytics reported that by 10 a.m. ET, customers had spent $531 million on online shopping. Black Friday saw record online shopping as well.

Traditionally a brick and mortar shopping day, online sales exceeded $6 billion on Black Friday this year. Foot traffic also declined this year. No doubt major retailers such as Walmart & Amazon pulled in a huge amount of these sales. Of course, a few small businesses had a piece of the pie too.  “Supa Cent,” Raynell Steward founder and CEO of the Crayon Case generated $1 million in sales on Cyber Monday in 90 minutes! Her story went viral and she inspired us all. 

I couldn't help but wonder, however, why more small businesses weren't reaping the benefits of all the sales these larger retailers were bringing in. Simple by having their products listed on Amazon and/or Walmart. My personal brand Darlyng & Co. sold out of inventory on two weeks before Black Friday and sold out a few days prior to Black Friday on our Amazon Storefront. This was without running no special sale or discount. Simply just having our products listed and running a few ads using Amazon's Paid Per Click Ads and exposing our brand to millions of shoppers.

I'm an Amazon Brand Strategist and help small businesses launch and grow their brands on Amazon and this year we've been able to assist some of the dopest Black-Owned brands with amazing products. We wanted to highlight some of those brands and a few others we believe will be worth checking off your list. With our $1.3 trillion buying powers let's spread some Holiday love and support these Black-owned businesses that need your help to grow. Plus If you have Amazon Prime you'll get Free Shipping and the chance to support these Amazing brands. 



CharBoy's Sauces


Pam Jones has catered to the taste buds of many health-conscious food lovers with her Charboy's sauces and restaurants. Currently, Jones’s sauces are in more than 450 grocery stores and retail specialty shops in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Her sauces can be found in Whole Foods and on Amazon


Capital City Mambo Sauce

capital city mambo sauce on amazon

Capital City, LLC is a minority, family-owned company based in the Maryland suburbs, owned by Charles and Arsha Jones. Arsha Jones was born and raised in Washington, D.C. and began to miss this sauce she grew up with when she moved to the suburbs and wanted to give her family a real taste of D.C. She regularly made mambo sauce in her kitchen for her boys and decided that it was good enough to market and sell.

The Jones family has grown this home-based business into a successful company, providing a beloved product from their childhood to more people around the world. You can grab a few of these on Amazon.


Maeday Gourmet Sauces & Rub


 maeday sauces

Maeday is a very unique, meat clinging barbecue sauce that has received raving reviews from all over the United States.  Barbecue lovers are instant fans with just one taste. Maeday is also Co-Founded by a husband and wife duo. All their barbecue sauces are Gluten Free and without High-Fructose Syrup. They sell a few of their sauces on Amazon





Whose Shoes Are You Wearing?

12 Steps to Uncovering the Woman You Really Want to Be

Authors: Christine K. St. Vil & Julian B. Kiganda


Julian B. Kiganda and Christine K. St. Vil are two sisters known for being Bold & Fearless Moms N Charge. After conquering their own personal and professional struggles to finally walk in their purpose, they re giving you their most powerful insights to move you along your own path to uncovering your God-given purpose. In Whose Shoes Are You Wearing? These no-nonsense siblings take you through key steps to help you create the unprecedented transformation you want to see in your own life. Grab your copy Today!


Can We Talk?: 10 Life Lessons on Finding Your Voice and Finding Yourself-

Author: Amber L. Wright

If you’re tired of feeling unsure about who you are and are ready to walk boldly and bravely into your purpose, this book is for you! In Can We Talk? 10 Life Lessons on Finding Your Voice & Finding Yourself, communication expert and speaker, Amber L. Wright, offers the guidance you’ve been looking for on how to unmute your inner voice and crank up the volume to speak the life you crave into existence. Get your copy Here!


Bills and Credit and Debt...OH MY!: Your Journey to Emerald City

By: Shante H.S

Bills and Credit and Debt...OH MY!: Your Journey to Emerald City by [H.S., Shanté]

Want great credit? Want to see your credit scores soar? Need to wipe away that debt? The answer to these should be simple…YES.

Come with me as we travel down the Yellow Brick Road to financial freedom. I’ll help you understand the ins and outs of how credit works, the components of a credit score, and teach you a thing or two that will assist you in getting your financial life back on track. Purchase Here


The Superwoman Complex: A Follow-Up Visit by MD C. Nicole Swiner

Since the release of her first book, How to Avoid the Superwoman Complex: 12 Ways to Balance Mind, Body and Spirit in March 2015, Dr. Swiner (AKA DocSwiner) has been speaking locally and nationally for organizations, groups, high schools and universities about stress management, health matters and self-care. Her first book described what the Superwoman Complex is, this follow-up book describes what to do about it. As a follow up to the first book, she has added more in-depth information on a plan of action to attack this syndrome in order to live a fuller, more satisfied life. DocSwiner continues to give real-life examples of how she works to achieve a work-life balance as a working mom and entrepreneur to help others.



Crystal Swain-Bates- Author


Crystal Swain-Bates is a celebrated children's book author and the owner of Goldest Karat Publishing. Fed up with the lack of black children's books on the market, Crystal founded Goldest Karat Publishing in order to address the lack of diversity in children's literature. 

Crystal's children's books have been seen on platforms including CNN and Huffington Post and used as props for hit television shows such as BET's "Being Mary Jane" and "The Game". You can purchase her entire collection on Amazon.



Curlmix- (Flaxseed Gel)

CurlMix started as a Do It Yourself subscription box by Husband and wife duo Tim & Kim. Their Curlmixers wanted their favorite products from the box turned into a product line and so they did and their flaxseed gel became a hit! Their business has seen tremendous growth since then and they are always selling out on their Amazon Storefront. So if you are able to get some items, do so asap!



Cut Wash Day In Half!

Gwen Jimmere is the Founder of Naturalicious, a haircare line that reduces your haircare routine. It's since become one of the nation’s fastest growing hair care companies and Gwen proudly rocks her spot in history as the first African American woman to hold a patent for a natural hair care product. Everybody loves Naturalicious and rounds of applause have come through from the good folks at The Washington Post, Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise, Essence, Fast Company, and Buzzfeed, just to name a few. Check out her Amazon Storefront.


Alikay Naturals

Beauty & Lifestyle Brand

Over the years, Alikay Naturals has flourished to become one of the fastest growing and most influential beauty brands in the world. Founder & CEO, Rochelle Alikay Graham-Campbell was a 22-year old college student creating Alikay Naturals in her kitchen and now is also a husband and wife duo. Using the knowledge of the benefits of natural ingredients that she learned from her herbalist YaYa as a young girl in the Caribbean, Rochelle began to formulate products that addressed the needs of her tightly coiled hair as well as her skin care needs.  NO petroleum, mineral oil, alcohol, parabens, sulfate or silicones; Alikay Naturals products use the healing properties found in natural & organic ingredients to nourish and replenish moisture from inside out. They've recently launched their baby line and we love it! Shop their Amazon Storefront.


Koils By Nature

Haircare Line & Beard Kit

Koils by Nature Ultimate Beard Kit

Koils by Nature, a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free hair and skincare brand, can be found in select stores around the country. The line also includes an array of conditioners, cleansers, butters, oil treatments, styling gels, accessories, and men’s grooming products. Founder Pamela Booker now runs the company with her husband Oronde Booker. Their beard line is wildly popular on Amazon and the perfect gift for that special man in your life. 


Beija- Flor Naturals

Beija-Flor Naturals Creme Brulee For Kinks, Curls and Coils - Curl & Twisting Cream & Moisturizer| Reduces Frizzy Hair

In 2009, Beija-Flor Naturals founder, Stevonne Ratliff suffered from hypo and hyperpigmentation and a number of skin sensitivities. At this time, there were very few natural skincare solutions, especially those that catered to women of color, so she began crafting her own products using amazing healing botanicals that were at the time only found in South America. Ratliff soon incorporated hair products that are unique and nourishing to kinky, coily, dry, and color treated hair.

Beija-Flor Naturals products are vegan/vegetarian, free of harmful petrochemicals and made from healing herbs, oils, botanicals that have proven to be the best solution for virtually all skin and hair ailments. Not all natural products are created equal. Our time-tested handmade formulations have given us thousands of happy customers over the years and we hope you get to experience our natural, and organic products designed for hair + body + skin. Shop this amazing brand today


Nae Nae's Natural Hair Boost



Made with ALL Natural & Organic Ingredients. Formulated with Love for You and Your Body in Mind. Founded by husband and wife team Nevadra and Terrance in Maryland. Their hair boost is very popular and sold out on Amazon two weeks prior to Black Friday. You can shop their Amazon Store.





Cee Cee’s Closet NYC was created by Chioma and Uchenna Ngwudo in New York City.  Join us in celebrating the beauty of West African prints through our unique accessories. Our accessories are designed by us and handmade by artisans in Nigeria. Having our accessories made in Nigeria allows Cee Cee’s Closet NYC to have a transformative impact on the lives of our artisan partners. Add these beautiful headwraps to your Collection.



“Love My Locs” Dreadlock Maintenance Gift Set - Loccessories™

Kamaria Hill, founder of Loccessories, launched the brand in 2011 to serve as an online resource of natural hair accessories made for curls, coils, kinks & locs.

They offer carefully curated natural hair accessories, apparel and lifestyle products that speak to the needs of the natural hair community, including dreadlock hair maintenance tools and accessories that make loc'd life a whole lot easier. Shop their brand on Amazon.



Darlyng & Co. - Baby Essentials

Darlyng & Co. is a lifestyle baby brand for children. The company started with the Yummy Mitt Teething mitten, which is designed for babies that teeth early and have limited fine motor skills to hold a traditional teether. Tara and her husband, Carl, came up with the idea after futile attempts to find a teether that their two months old could use. They've since grown their product offerings to Sippy Cups, Bowls, Diaper Bags and more. Their story was recently featured on Amazon's Blog and you can shop their Amazon's Storefront today. 


Queens of Africa Dolls

What better way to reinforce strength within our kids than through playing and learning. Crafted by a Nigeria-based company, these stunning dolls and accessories are designed to promote African heritage and culture. These dolls feature natural and braided hair and are dressed in cultural clothing. Shop the entire Collection today.


Coco' Pie Clothing & Accessories

Founded in 2011 by our amazing CEO, Shantae Pelt, Coco’Pie came to life after one of her daughters saw a t-shirt with a little black girl on it. She excitedly exclaimed, “Look, mommy! It’s ME on that shirt!” Shantae bought the shirt and her daughter literally wore it out! She beamed every time she wore it and this helped Ms. Pelt realize how much images of brown girls were missing in mainstream apparel and were obviously needed in a major way!

Inspired by her two girls, Mikayla and Kennedy, whom she lovingly calls her “coco pies,” Shantae decided to create her own line of shirts that her daughters could wear with pride as often as they wanted to. Without a clue how to start a t-shirt line, she began doing research and soon found a mentor to walk her through the process. Coco’Pie Clothing became a new passion and after the first set of 12 shirts sold out, she knew this was a dream worth pursuing. Shop their Backpack on Amazon.


Gabby Bows- Double Snap Barrettes

GaBBY Book and Little Lady Bundle

Rozalynn and Gabrielle Goodwin of GaBBYBows, created the first of its kind, double-faced, double snap barrette hair accessory! 

According to Rozalynn, this all began with a simple Twitter rant, her pastor’s gentle nudging and a “broken record in pigtails” that kept losing her bows during recess.

“I literally prayed, Ok, God. If there is something here, you are going to have to show it to me,” said Rozalynn.“Inventing the Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette was not what I had in mind when I logged on to Twitter that day to blow off some steam”, she said. At the time, Gabby was only five years old and as parents can easily relate to, was persistent in asking, over and over again, when she’d be able to get her new bows. Bows that stayed in her hair and ones she didn’t lose. Purchase these bows for that special Princess in your world here


Urban Intellectuals- Black History Flash Cards

Enjoy learning about the revolutionary contributions of our people. Take pleasure in sharing all that you learn with friends, educators, and most importantly, our youth. It is imperative that they understand Black history, become inspired, and take action to build their own greatness! Urban Intellectuals is all about empowering, educating and engaging us. Shop their Collection



Sassy Jones Boutique


'Jorja' Bangle

Sassy Jones Boutique is deeply rooted in helping women feel undeniably confident about themselves by adding a little sparkle here and there. It works wonders! When you look good, you feel good and we've got the perfect pieces to help you upgrade your look flawlessly and affordable. Our obsession with exceeding our customer expectations is what has helped us become an award-winning accessory brand. Sassy Jones Boutique is ALWAYS selling out of her pieces but will restock with brand new goodies for you Ladies in January.



Minkeeblue- Organizational Travel Bag

Sherrill Mosee, inventor and designer of MinkeeBlue set out to solve a problem she calls, the ‘overload bag syndrome’. Like many women, Sherrill carried two or three bags to work—a purse, laptop bag, lunch bag, and sometimes shoes in her purse. She wanted to create an organizational fashion bag for busy women whose role changed throughout the day—from an executive to fitness enthusiast, daily commuter, and mom. MinkeeBlue is her solution! Shop the Collection.


 Darlyng & Co. Diaper Backpack

Talk about women coming together to collaborate. This diaper bag is a Minkeeblue and Darlyng & Co. collab and recently launched in September. This backpack as so many amazing features such as the patented organizational compartment, deep side pockets and can be worn three different ways. Can be purchased on Amazon.



Leah the Creative

Meet my Super Dope Stylist Leah! Leah is an Amazon Influencer and used her storefront to style her clients and help them shop. She also works with Brands to showcase their products through video content. Have a speaking engagement coming up, a hot date with your mate or just want to spruce up your closet for 2019? She's your girl!


The best part about this list is you can support all these brands within days of the upcoming Holiday festivities and your order will arrive on time and you'll be satisfied with all these amazing products. Our goal is to grow this list to over 100 Brands in 2019! If you sell on Amazon be sure to let us know below and if you want to launch your Amazon storefront we can certainly help you Level all the way up for 2019. Let's go!

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