Amazon launches Live-Stream Shopping Videos for Sellers

Amazon launches Live-Stream Shopping Videos for Sellers

In 2016 Amazon launched “Style Code Live”, described as the platform’s first attempt at a ‘QVC-Esque’  live shopping experience, focused on fashion and beauty. Though short-lived, it seemed the platform was at the dawn of a new era, and hence, not completely lost on the idea of live streaming and e-commerce. With new categories, and a quite familiar format  Amazon has set out to expand Amazon Live.


Having explored live-streaming on occasion in the past, on days like Prime Day and on its Today’s Deals page. The latest installment of Amazon Live is further reaching. It is a live-streaming shopping experience that features a grid of content streams from various sellers. You can select an individual stream for a specific seller and watch, as they give you product insights, while some of their products are highlighted just below the stream, alongside an “add to cart” button, to go about the usual checkout routine.


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Just last January, Amazon submitted for patenting, a live video shopping interface. So it would seem a long term commitment to this emerging dynamic is imminent.


Currently in Apple’s app store, for iOS devices only, Amazon Live Creator is the official app that sellers can use to live stream directly to and its mobile app, in places such as product detail pages, your store, and of course on As a seller, you are also provided with the option to pay to promote your live stream. Depending on your spending, this should inversely affect the goals as advertised by Amazon, to drive sales, interact with viewers and be discovered, but does this also mean less visibility for lower budget spenders? Only time will tell.


So you may be wondering what it takes to become a part of this emerging trend. Well, If you're a US Professional Seller registered in the Amazon Brand Registry, you’ve already passed the first hurdle.

Creating a live stream is easy. After downloading the Amazon Live Creator iOS mobile app, you can stream your video content at the push of a button directly from your phone camera or through an encoder using a professional camera. Now on desktop, mobile, and Amazon's mobile app’s over 310 million users are at your fingertips, unfortunately, not so much if you are located in China or Hong Kong where live streaming is not supported at this time. For sellers everywhere else however, this is big news.




 A wealth of new marketing opportunities open up for sellers. The ability to engage consumers on a more direct level, removing doubt or lessening uncertainty of product function or legitimacy is a major feat. Being discovered by people who typically would not have found their products without the streaming service, is also a huge plus. The influencer marketing strategy also has much to gain, as collaborators with large followings on other platforms can share a live feed, or bring users to a seller’s live stream, giving that seller access even outside the bounds of Amazon’s viewership.


The move is one embraces the removal of location and cultural barriers globally in e-commerce. It opens perhaps the biggest opportunity yet for sellers to maximize their reach. And although not an entirely new concept if you consider how e-commerce operates in China. Live-streaming is a new wave in e-commerce that Amazon has set its targets on conquering and this means, sellers and buyers have to adapt expectations in the market.

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