Amazon Launches New Middle East Marketplace & Rebrands Souq

Amazon Launches New Middle East Marketplace & Rebrands Souq

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Amazon announced the launch of a new marketplace targeting the Middle Eastern market. Amazon recently launched in the United Arab Emirates! This marketplace replaces Souq, which the company acquired in 2017. Amazon purchased Souq for $580 million in 2017. The URL takes you to, but Souq is still available in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Souq was the largest Dubai-based e-commerce company. Amazon's International sales and channels have been booming and grew 9% from a year ago to $16.2 billion. The UAE marketplace launched with Fulfillment by Amazon but does not yet have Prime Membership available. Currently, this marketplace is open to top sellers from the US and Europe. For those already taking advantage of Amazon's International Channels, they've just launched a new selling plan!


Amazon just announced a brand new seller plan. Best suited for international sellers, this plan provides access to North America, Europe, Japan, and India all for the price of a Professional Seller account at $39.99.

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