How I Started An Award Winning Podcast- 1 Year Anniversary

How I Started An Award Winning Podcast- 1 Year Anniversary
Dream BIG, Execute HARD!

I had this crazy idea last year to start a Podcast.
I had no clue where to start but invested in my idea and gave myself two months to record a YEAR's worth of

This was the only way of adding a Podcast to my already crazy schedule.
Amir (my son) was only one at the time and still nursing, so my schedule was completely dependent on his routine.
So I would record at 12 noon and twice in the night 9-11pm (Bless my Dear Friends hearts lol) on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the entire month of March & April. 

Don't get me wrong, pre-recording an entire year of content was risky. You never know if the content would be relevant by the time it went LIVE. But, thank goodness I have some pretty dope Entrepreneur Friends that literally 96% of the invites I sent out said YES and they were all doing amazing things in their journey and wanted to share with my audience.
My assistant had to edit tons of baby coos and awes and me saying "I LOVE IT" a million times but it was all worth it.
I was able to record an entire year of content that was relevant to my audience. I've built and maintain some amazing friendships through my Podcast and have met some amazing listeners! Our first year we recorded and built our Podcast with no advertising, no sponsorships and no monetary gain!

But here's the kicker. Dir Podcast was the inspiration for our consulting side of our company. My firm has grown tremendously and I've had the privilege of working with some of the "BEST" Entrepreneurs ever. But the amazing part about this is I've never run an ad or advertised my services! It's all been through word of mouth and referrals. I've never spoken about my services really on any Episode.

This Episode will be my very first time talking about what I do. Isn't that insane...
We've always gotten the request for sponsorship and I finally decided to open that up this year.
After doing the work for a year, I'm reaping the harvest for this investment of my time. Now I have another thriving brand!

All this to say, stop delaying getting it done. Whatever "it" maybe. 
Someone is waiting for your message.

Someone will benefit from it.
I often hear how do you balance it all?

I prioritize as best as I can. I don't look for immediate results.

I do the work and then wait for the results to follow.
What have you been procrastinating on?
What did you put off a year ago?
A month ago?
Get it done today!

I just wanted to share this with you today and hope it encourages you to get it done, no excuses.
We even won an award last year for our Podcast!
Imagine if I had made motherhood an excuse rather than my motivation.

Dream BIG, Execute HARD!!!!!!

Chat Soon,

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