How to Deal with Amazon Knockoffs in 2019

How to Deal with Amazon Knockoffs in 2019

People spend millions on the internet daily, buying from a pin to an anchor, in their favourite brands. But imagine spending two hundred dollars on the latest pair of Yeezy’s on Amazon and when your package arrives, you are met with a very familiar style and design, but in some parts, the colour is wrong and the sole of the shoes are slightly coming apart.



You quickly realize, these aren’t original and run to your computer full steam ahead to report your order and request a refund. If you’re lucky and Amazon fulfilled your order, chances are you will get a refund. If you aren’t so lucky, your seller may have already cashed out and disappeared into the night with your hard earned cash, leaving you with some fakes and you are now on this blog trying to find out how to deal with knockoffs.


Whether you have been duped or not before, it would benefit us all, knowing the red flags to look out for when buying on Amazon, so we can be better-prepared shoppers.

So how do we deal with Amazon knockoffs in 2019?


You can’t tackle what you can’t identify, therefore the more you educate yourself about counterfeit products, the easier it will be to spot a fake product.


Watch out for too honest sellers

The first way to tell if an item is a fake is if it says it is. That’s right. Many fake or generic brands on Amazon will outrightly let you know they are generic brands in their product descriptions. The item may take on similar functionalities to the official brand but may have side effects or reduced quality. If a brand is generic and displays a message to say such, you may want to stay away from it, as you will have to stand any resulting damage or loss in use, because you were warned.


Be careful of extremely discounted prices

Another way you can tell a knockoff is if the goods being sold are absolutely lower in price than on average. If the price seems too good to be true, it potentially is. What are the odds a $200 shoe goes on sale for $19.99 indefinitely? This is a big red flag of a product you should walk away from.


No purchases & 5-Star reviews? No purchase!

If a product has no purchases, how can it have 5 stars? No one has purchased the product to use or rate it as yet, but it has 5 stars? We can’t seem to figure that out and you shouldn’t try to either. It’s ok to try new products and brands, but please note that this is the fastest way to fall into the clutches of fake product sellers, buying from a seller that has no purchases and 5-star reviews or 1 5-star review or a high number of low reviews mixed with a few good.


Skip products with product photos the same as 5 other brands

Will the real product owner please stand up? Trust that 5 brands did not get up, book the same location, photographer and model to create their product, not even 2. Great minds do not think that much alike. This is a dead giveaway of a seller that is selling knockoffs, spare your pocket the heartache and do not entertain them. Anyone that is willing to just copy product information online in order to resell an idea, not original to them, does not deserve your patronage. Brands work hard and spend a lot of money to build their name and reputation, their success usually attracts copycats who then only do half the work to reap the same benefits.


With all of that said, no one is immune to still falling for fakes, in fact, many people do go out of their way to purchase them on purpose, deciding that they do not want to pay full price for originals. But for those of us that would rather be safe than sorry, there are a few other things to point out in handling potentially counterfeit items on Amazon.


Check who is doing fulfilment

Goods purchased on Amazon are labelled in a few ways:


Sold by Amazon- means the item ships from and is sold by Amazon

Fulfilled by Amazon- means the item ships from an Amazon Fulfillment Centre, but is not sold by Amazon

Third Party - means the item ships from and is sold by the seller


The safest option is Sold by Amazon. If your item is fulfilled by Amazon your risk is also greatly reduced for resulting in a loss at the end of a dispute. This does not mean Third Party purchases are completely unsafe, it just means that extra caution is needed when buying from these sellers.


While Amazon has been making strides in order to reduce the ability of sellers to pawn off knockoffs to unsuspecting customers, through their brand registry and most recently Project Zero, separate from keeping yourself on the lookout for fakes with these tips, you can always rely on the good old faithful Dispute button to keep your knockoff purchases that slip through, in check.

Soon a lot of these checks will be automated with specialized tools that Amazon is working on, we will have less need to self-verify if a product is fake or original. However, demand does create supply. This means that a lot of the counterfeit products that are out there survive because people encourage them, by purchasing from them. Some seek out fakes, usually because of the reduced prices and consumers should understand that they are huge contributors to the market and hence have an important role in creating change in the matter of knockoffs.


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