When you come up with a new idea for any product, the next step is its protection and secrecy. No matter how much you try it is not possible to convert your dreams into reality without the help of others so you have to share it with them. Most people these days opt to obtain a patent on their invention. There are different options available that will help you in keeping your idea patent which is as follows:


The exact subject of the idea should be known:

It is very important to make the subject of your invention clear in your mind. You must know that not every type of idea can be stolen like you want to start some burger shop but you have any specific recipe in mind then it should be kept the patent. So the exact subject should be known.


How much protection you need:

You must know that from whom you are protecting your idea. Whether it is a secret from all or just your competitors. The reason is to make your strategy accordingly.


Patent your idea:

According to the law if a person comes up with a new idea or invents some different machine, process or composition then he can obtain a patent on it. Mere ideas are not patentable. If you want to make your design patent then you must present it in drawing form with complete description. The employer in the company will check your product and if it is unique and authentic, he will approve it for 20 years.


The provisional patent should be filed:

You can get this filing done at a very low price and it is valid for up to 12 months. It gives you time to decide when you want to apply for your invention in a formal way. If there is any suspicion in the formal patent then the date can be related to the provisional patent for confirmation. If it is not renewed after 12 months then the patent will expire.


Consider trade secret protection:

If your invention is not appropriate for patent filing then you must consider trade secret protection which provides a broader range. By keeping your trademark secret your invention or product will remain top secret until you want a disclosure. So any sort of formula, program, device or pattern can be protected.


Go to Non-disclosure agreement:

If your invention is not patentable, then you should get a non-disclosure agreement signed by the buyer. If your product is used in the future without permission then you can sue the culprit by showing NDA. All the rules will be selected by you according to the disclosure of your invention or whether you want non-disclosure.


Don’t forget the precautionary measures:

At first, if you want to keep your product a secret then you should limit the number of people you are sharing it with. Before your idea is officially patentable, you must avoid making it public otherwise you can't do anything. All confidential agreements should be signed before discussing it with people. If you want to make some agreement with companies then you should make NDA signed by authorities.


So if you want non-disclosure of your invention then you should follow the above steps to avoid the troubles in future. All documentation and paperwork should be done to protect your trademark.

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