Tara Darnley: Inventor, Entrepreneur, & Innovation Strategist 


Dreams are your future reality not yet created. I’m Tara Darnley, and I’m a dreamer. When I say dreamer, I mean big deal, in the sky, more-than-you-could-ever-imagine dreamer. I’ve been dreaming for decades now. My dreams transformed my life, and now I help others realize their dreams and shift the trajectory of their lifestyles. After 5 years as an entrepreneur with a successful baby brand, I knew it was time for me to help others. From appearances on The Steve Harvey Morning Show to features in Pregnancy Magazine, my own baby brand and lifestyle company, Darlyng & Co, has proven that one big dream can become an even greater reality. 

Along with my husband, Carl, I seek to share wisdom, experience, and proven tools with dedicated business owners as they clarify, strategize, and execute their dreams. I help business owners launch and scale their businesses from a vision to a sustainable and lucrative venture. I utilize exclusive strategies such as Amazon Brand tools to assist business owners in growing their businesses on one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the marketplace. Using workbooks, courses, mentoring, and 1:1 consulting, I guide my clients through the process of product development, product and business branding, and eCommerce retail store launches. 

When my husband and I aren’t working with clients, we are spending quality time with our kids, reading good books, and eating tasty new dishes.