What is a Sell Sheet and do you need one?

A sell sheet is a one-page advertisement for your brand product or service. A sell sheet should highlight what it is, the value and quality of your brand/product and be of high design quality itself. It must be engaging and sell your product, brand or service.

Elements of a Sell Sheet

Brand/Product/Service Identity

Your brand identity including name and related artwork should be the focus of your sell sheet. It should be bold imagery and the first thing that catches your eye when you look at your sheet.

What Your Brand/Product Offers

Its key features should also be included. Any information that describes the product and its essential uses or the problems it solves is necessary for a sell sheet, but it must be succinct. Do not over-sell or fluff sentences. Make your copy engaging but to the point.

Professional sleek design

Your sell sheet is marketing whatever it is you are selling, so the design is highly important. Clean, bold designs are effective for sell sheets. Be unique with your sheet where persons can see the personality in your brand/service. Be sure however to balance the aesthetic, so your potential buyers realize the serious potential behind your brand/product.

Your Contact Information

You can’t present a big sell without a way to close the deal. Ensure to add your email, contact numbers or forms on your sheet. The great thing is you can print some and others you can add a clickable link for forwarding your sell sheets to emails.

Who Needs a Sell Sheet

Anyone with a brand, product or service can make one. It may not be ideal if you are trying to promote many products at once, but can be good when you have one to three main focuses that will not overwhelm an 8x11 page. Additionally, do not try to reduce your fonts too much to incorporate more information, remember, key points only. If you have any tips you would like to share or how these tips helped you, let us know!